The automatic industry is a big sector. If you like vehicles and enjoy working on them, then you can make a good living in the automatic sector. Studying automotive courses in Sydney, If you have a passion for automobiles, then this is the right profession for you. An automotive course in Sydney includes designing vehicles, modifying automobiles, decorating vehicles, repairing automobiles such as cars and trucks, and vehicle maintenance.

Why Choose an Automotive Course in Sydney?

If you have a passion for vehicles, then this could be your dream career.

The demand for skilled mechanics is rising rapidly in Australia and around the world. On average, automotive technicians make 1500 dollars per week in Australia. Highly skilled individuals can earn more.

An automotive course focuses on the practical knowledge of vehicles and other machines and teaches how to repair, modify, and maintain automobiles.

Automotive courses in Sydney

Requirements for Automotive Courses

  • Have a valid passport for the duration of your studies in Australia.
  • Letter of acceptance from the chosen university institution
  • TOEIC score of 46.59.
  • Evidence of access to sufficient funds.
  • Evidence of overseas student health cover.
  • All other relevant documents

What are the Employment Opportunities for Students of course?

They have a vast variety of options to choose from. They can become motor mechanics, vehicle builders, automotive electricians. They get to work in heavy machinery factories, dealership repair shops, and other small businesses.

You can become a motor mechanic, an engine mechanic, an automatic transmission mechanic, a brake mechanic, a diesel mechanic, a motorcycle mechanic, a vehicle spray painter, a car salesperson, and a car decorator.

Automative Courses Available in Sydney

  • Certificate IV in automatic electrical technology.
  • A diploma in Automotive Technology
  • Certification IV: automated mechanical diagnosis
  • Automotive Electrical Certificate IV

What do You Learn in an Automotive Course in Sydney?

The automotive industry is the branch that deals in designing, manufacturing, and operating vehicles. Automotive course in Sydney offer a chance to the students to delve into the field of mechanics. You get the opportunity to learn from a professional team of trainers. 

Professionals will help you in learning all the theoretical knowledge and the practical skills of repairing & servicing of automobiles. The automotive industry is very challenging and diverse. Generally, an automotive career aspirant designs vehicles and improvise the condition of the current vehicles. However, some of the career opportunities which you will discover after the completion of the automotive training include:

  • Motor Mechanic (General)
  • Automotive Light Vehicle Mechanical Repair Technician.
  • Advanced Diagnostic Technician.
  • Automotive Heavy Vehicle Master Technician
  • Automotive Master Technician.
  • Automotive Mechanical Overhaul Technician.
  • Performance Vehicle Technician.

Automotive industry demands for creative individuals with a passion for machines. It is all about launching new products, analyzing and resolving issues. An automotive course in Sydney will train you in the aspects of designing, developing, and manufacturing vehicles.


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