Every woman wants to make their skin glowing, charming, and beautiful. But the skincare products that are available in the market are filled with harmful compounds. Most of the products are manufactured with compounds that irritate your skin and make rashes.

Along with that, you can’t use the same skin products for different skin types. So, to get rid off these issues, you can make your own skincare products by growing some plants in your garden.

What are the plants that you should plant in your garden?

Plants like roses, lavender, Chamomile are the best plants to maintain your regular skincare routine. According to Tanya Anderson, the organic gardener says that you can use these flowers to make organic skincare products for every skin type.

She said that you don’t need to waste your money on products that have harmful compounds in them. You can simply grow these plants in your window boxes and pots to make fresh products without adding any unnecessary compounds for fragrance. Here she provides some of the best plants that you can grow and take care of your skin!

Cucumber gives you a soothing experience, especially in summer. By using this, you can get beneficial advantages. It can heal your skin from the tan and also hydrates your skin by soaking all the harmful toxins. This is the best home care routine to prevent sunburn or regenerate tired skin. You can also make toners, lotions with them because it has the power to tighten your skin.

If you have plants of roses, then you can make rose water with them. The petals of roses give amazing options for skin toner. For this, you only need a limited amount of glycerine and drop all the rose petals in it and warm it a little bit. After that, keep it aside for cooling and then place it in a spray bottle. It moisturizes your skin and as well as gives a smooth, shiny skin tone. You can keep this for the last longer by freezing this.

If you have dried plants in your garden, then you can use this make herbal oil. For this, you have to steep the dried plants and keep them in the carrier oil. It has fat-soluble compounds. For this, you only have to use the dried plant materials of calendula flowers. To enhance its fragrance, you can add some almond oil to it.

So, why invest money in skincare products when you can make them in your home? Try these amazing tips at your home, and do share your reviews.


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