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It is a known fact that PTE is the test for English language fluency. But PTE is further classified into PTE academics and PTE general. The difference is that one is for students who wish to study abroad, and one is for the individuals or the migrants who move on in search of a job or residency. The test is crucial for both categories as it helps in communication. 

Moreover, a high score in the test improves the scope of entry for the students and individuals, and hence they apply several techniques to come out of the exams with a better score.  

Difference Between PTE Academic and PTE General:

The following are the major differences between the two categories.

1. Differs in the Exam Patterns:

Pte academics are further divided into four reading, writing, listening, and speaking classifications. But, PTE general has two major sections: written and spoken tests. Here, the written part is classified into listening, reading, comprehension, and writing sections, making both categories different.

2. Validity of Scores:

The PTE Academic scores are valid only for two years from the issue of the result date. But, PTE general test results are valid forever without any limitations. Therefore, it helps in the migration process without the expiry date. It is the second difference available in both categories. 

3. Purpose of the Exams: 

PTE academic is for the students who seek admission abroad. In contrast, PTE general is for the individuals who wish to migrate to the other country for a job or apply for residency status. It is the third difference between the two.  

4. Openings for the Exams: 

PTE general exams are available only for three slots per year. Therefore, the applicant can appear only three times in a year in this category. But, PTE academics are for aspirants, and hence considering their schedules, the examination slot is open for the entire year.

Therefore, there are no limitations for the students to appear in the examination. It is the fourth difference between the two categories. 

5. Duration of the Examination:

PTE academic allows the aspirants to complete the examination in three hours. In contrast, in PTE general, the duration depends on the level of examination, and it is continuous till the applicant completes the examination. It is the fifth difference between the two categories. 

Software Usage: 

PTE Practice Software is available online, and the students and applicants can use the software to perform well in the examination. The tips and tricks are available in the software application help in scoring high during the examination, and it is a simple way of proving the efficiency of the language.

Online Guidance to Perform Well:

The online platform is open for all solutions, and it is also open for the students and applicants by providing the best possible online solution. PTE Practice Software is the online solution containing detailed guidance with tips and tricks to score high in the PTE examinations for both categories.

Make Use of the Mock Test:

Self-assessment helps in improving the required skills. In addition, the app store is open for applications like real ptewhich helps the candidates with several examination modules.

The application contains the question patterns and several activities related to the examination and makes the applicant appear for the free online tests. It is a computer-based test that comes with instant assessment and suggests the areas where the applicant needs to improve. 

Features of the Application Software:

The application software real pte comes with the following features 

· The automated score for every appearing mock test

· Availability of online coaching

· Unlimited support for the applicants to improve their skills

· Feedback of the experts for each of the existing tasks

· Can access from anywhere

· Availability of free PET practice tests

· Able to get the expert answers

These features make the application software more useful for the students to perform well in the examinations. 

Several students and candidates are benefitted from using the software application. It is open for several free mock tests and online training sessions that help the performer improve.


The software applications are beneficial in many ways, and it is helpful even to improve the language skills of the aspirants. Therefore, use the application software and perform well in the PTE examination to prove language efficiency.

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