With the growing market of personalizable jewelry, personalized jewelry gifts are the best to give your dear one. We have read many gift guides for BFF, mothers, and girlfriend. Let’s go with a family gift guide. The below-mentioned personalized jewelry gifts option will help you to choose one for your family. Custom name bracelets, engraved custom name necklace, and more custom-made jewelry pieces are timeless. So these pieces can go well with heirloom as well. 

Thoughtful Personalized Jewelry Gifts to Give Your Family 

  • Personalized Jewelry for Women 

1) Custom Name Bracelets 

Bracelets are every-time acceptable to gift your lady love. Try out the custom name bracelets this time. As the name suggests, custom name bracelets are available to customize with names or initial letters. Custom name bracelets are come up with different forms to engrave names. E.g., charm bracelets, cuff or bangle style, bar bracelets, chain bracelets, and more. 

2) Name Earrings 

If your sister likes to go trendy, then go for personalizable name earrings this time to gift. You can engrave her name in the earring piece with different font styles. The name rings are available in various forms as well. Like name studs, hoops, hook style, push back style, a monogram design, and much so you can go with her preferred pattern. 

custom earrings for women

3) Interlocking Circle Necklaces 

With so many designs available for an engraved custom name necklace, circle necklaces are here to gift your lovely mom. In the interlocking circle necklace, you can customize more up to three names. The interlocking circle necklaces are come up with different metal options to try out. Such as gold, stunning silver, white gold, rose gold, and more. A piece of interlocking circle necklace can be a good gift for parents like you can engrave their children’s names on it. 

4) Initial Charm Bracelets 

This piece is acceptable to gift your mom, sister, aunt, friend, wife, or grandma. Shop for the initial charm bracelets to give some minimalist and stylish jewelry pieces. Most of the time initial charm bracelet looks classy with single charms. But if you wish, you can add on some extra stuff as well. Such as, you can add music symbols, birthstones, nameplates, and more to this piece. The popularity of charm jewelry increased in women’s jewelry products. So you can gift this piece of personalized jewelry gifts to every woman in your life. 

5) Stackable Initial Rings 

Here are another one of stylish personalized jewelry gifts for your lady love. Women’s jewelry collection can’t be complete without the ring accessory. Look for elegant stackable initial rings to gift your lady love. These tiny little initial rings are comfortable to use on casual and fashion wear. Moreover, if your lady doesn’t like to wear initial rings, therefore, you can go with stackable name rings. 


  • Personalized Jewelry for Men 

1) Customized Signet Rings 

A classic piece of personalized jewelry gifts to give your jewelry lover dad. Now men’s jewelry market is also growing, so we have plenty of options to choose from men’s jewelry collection. Signet rings are stylish pieces of jewelry that your dad can style up with formal and casual outfits. For personalization, initial letters work best with ring forms. Or you can try out monogram design as well to customize on signet rings. Besides the initial jewelry, you can go with name forms as well to customize. 

2) Name Plate Necklaces

This engraved custom name necklace piece is for your dashing brother, who likes to wear jewelry accessories. Yes, we also have many engraved custom name necklace options for men. Nameplate or bar forms are evergreen to give as a gift. You can engrave on names, initials, dates, or a short message too on this piece. Most of the time, men prefer to wear necklace pieces with gold and silver materials. Or else you can try out different materials also to gift necklaces. 

3) Zodiac Necklace  

In personalized jewelry gifts, necklace pieces are more popular to gift your dear one. This one is for your charming grandpa. Try out the zodiac necklaces with gold or silver materials. Engraved custom name necklace piece is suitable for every age group of people to gift. Moreover, a zodiac necklace can also be used as an everyday jewelry piece. 

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4) Thumbprint Bracelets 

With the huge success of custom name bracelets, thumbprint jewelry is here to try out. You can gift this piece to your dad as a memory. Your father can easily style thumbprint bracelets with casual and formal wear. Not only that, with thumbprint you can add on some extra stuff as well. Such as you can go for carving names, initial letters, and add on birthstones as well. 

5) Monogram Cufflinks 

This one-piece is for your business casual brother and uncle. Cufflinks are classic jewelry pieces for men. It also comes up with different materials to choose from. You can customize initial letters, names, and monogram letters in cufflinks. But the monogram pattern is more popular to engrave on men’s jewelry. Like monogram pattern can be shown on engraved custom name necklace, bracelet piece, and earrings piece too. 

It’s all the personalized jewelry gifts option to look for this holiday season. Go for it and surprise your family with these tiny little jewelry gifts. 


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