Battleships board game

Entertainments are of various forms, and one among them is playing indoor games. Board games are available for the players, and it is the simplest way to kill boredom. The Battleships board game is the most popular game available for the players, which allows two players to involve in the game.

It is a war-themed game that makes the players identify the warships of their opponents and make the ships sink. It is a simple yet addictive game that makes more players like to play it.

Set up the Battleships board game:

Setting up the game helps in playing the game without any tension. The game setup makes the player more informative about the game. Both the players involved in playing the specific board game receive a game board and five ships of different lengths. 

  • Each ship contains holes through which the hit pegs are reinserted. The five ships include
  • Carrier specified with five holes
  • Battleships with four holes
  • Cruiser, which includes three holes
  • The submarine has three holes
  • Destroyer with two holes

Both the players face each other at the game table. Players are positioned so that neither of the players can see the opponent’s ocean grids or the location of the ships. 

Players place their ships on an ocean grid by anchoring the ships into the holes on grids, and the setting is done before the game starts. The ships are placed either vertically or horizontally across the grid spaces. The ships can touch each other, but they cannot occupy the same grid space, and it is also not possible to change the position of the ships once the game gets started.

Play the game:

The Battleships board game is simple to play, and the gameplay begins when the opponent starts the game. The players alternate the turns calling out for one shot per turn, and always try to hit each other’s ships in the game.

The opponent player can pick a target hole and call out its location by letter and number. Then, the opponent decides whether the shot is a hit or a miss when the player calls for a shot. When all the holes in any one ship are filled with red pegs, it is known that the ship sinks.

Therefore, the owner or the player should announce which ship was sunk during the play.

The game continues in the same way, and the player who sinks all five ships of the opponent player is considered the winner of the game. 

The online version of the game:

The game is available online, and the gaming sites offer several variations of the classic Battleship games for free. In addition, there are various gaming sites available for the players to play such games online.

Android mobile users can use the application from Google Play Store to play the games. In addition, the official edition of the game is available for the players to play the games and enjoy the fun. 

Buy the game online:

The battleships board game is now available online, and the players can buy the games by using the online platform. In addition, a seven-day replacement option is available for the product. The buyers can use the option if they find any manufacturing or packing defect while receiving the product.

Simple and easy payment options are available, and buyers can use the best payment option for their purchases. The product reaches the doorstep when the address and the contact numbers are filled appropriately during the order placement process. Online purchase is the hassle-free mode of buying such games. 


Several games are available for kids, and the Battleship board game is also one of the best board games available for the kids of age group 7 and above. Online buying of such games is the safest way for kids, which helps kids spend their time more valuable and funnier. 

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