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There is a chance that small enterprises lack the funding to employ an in-house attorney. whereas bigger businesses require assistance in defending their brand internationally. The identity and reputation of a brand are two other important topics covered by a Los Angeles Top Trademark Lawyer.

What Do Trademark Attorneys Do?

A practitioner with expertise in trademark protection is a trademark lawyer. They make sure that their client’s trademark is not used by any other businesses or people.

It is a complex procedure with several small nuances. Therefore, you need a specialist who is knowledgeable about everything involved in your case.

A competent trademark attorney will make sure that no mistakes are made that could later endanger the company.

The procedure entails:

  • checking for originality
  • registering a trademark for protection
  • representing the company in any legal challenges that may arise around its usage

Who Employs a Trademark Attorney?

A branch of intellectual property law is trademark law. It deals with how to tell where products and services come from by using trade names, logos, and other branding components. A legal professional with expertise in this field of law is a trademark attorney.

When they wish to register a trademark, businesses and individuals frequently need to employ a trademark attorney. When they are embroiled in a fight over trademark infringement, as an example, may be the case. 

Why Might You Hire a Trademark Attorney?

There are good arguments for hiring a trademark attorney. Some of them consist of:

  • When you want to know how to trademark a name when you first establish a business.
  • For violating copyright, you are being sued.
  • Make sure your trademarks are being used properly.

Whatever your reason, it’s critical to comprehend the advantages of hiring a trademark attorney. By making sure you have the proper trademarks, they may assist you in protecting your business.

A trademark attorney can also assist you in registering your trademarks in foreign nations. It can be particularly crucial if you intend to conduct business abroad. However, each case and individual will have a different purpose for employing a trademark attorney.

How to Locate a Trademark Attorney

The most crucial choice you must make when beginning a business is hiring a trademark attorney to safeguard your brand. However, it might be difficult to locate the best trademark attorney to assist you with this procedure.

The community: A fantastic place to start when looking for a trademark attorney is your business network. So, seek suggestions from those in your network.

Interview the candidates: After narrowing the list down to a few attorneys, set up interviews with them to learn more about their background.

Make the correct inquiries: Ask the attorney how many trademarks they have filed, and how many of them have been registered.

Have a look at the procedure in general: To confirm that your mark is eligible for use, would they do a thorough check of the USPTO database?

Communication method: It’s critical to know in advance how frequently they will update

Many trademark types

Trademarks come in many different forms, some of which are listed here.

  • Text Mark

A word mark is a type of logo that uses the firm’s name in a straightforward, legible font. Additionally, a phrase or a set of words may be used as the trademark. 

  • Symbol Mark

A logo mark is a trademark that is represented by an image. They contribute significantly to a company’s branding. The most well-known logo mark is the one for Coca-Cola.

  • Goods Mark

A product mark is a trademark that is embodied by a product that is connected to a product. It might be a word, a symbol, or a mixture of both. 

  • Mark Composite

A composite mark is a trademark made up of two or more components, each of which has the potential to be registered as a trademark. 

  • Trademark

A trademark is a sign, phrase, or design that distinguishes one party’s source of products from another. A trademark must be utilised in commerce in order to be registered. 

  • Useful Mark

A service mark is a trademark that is used to distinguish services from items. The same trademark registration procedure as for trademarks applies to them, and they are protected by federal law. 

  • Mark collective

A collective mark is a trademark that is registered by several businesses as opposed to just one. 

What Does a Trademark Attorney Charge?

The cost of a trademark attorney might change based on a number of variables. The intricacy of the trademark and the quantity of needed legal labour are the key factors to take into account. In general, attorneys bill by the hour, with rates beginning at $100.

During the process of registering a trademark, several additional costs may arise. Filing costs, search fees, and maintenance fees are a few examples. 

The cost of the trademark attorney will also vary based on the depth and experience of the legal services needed. 


A Los Angeles Top Trademark Lawyer attorney is someone you want on your side when you’re ready to safeguard your company’s reputation. A trademark is a precious asset, thus it’s important to make sure that your property is properly safeguarded.

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