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Have you already booked your summer holiday? For 1 in 6 employees, planning the summer holidays gives a lot of stress because many colleagues want to have the same weeks off. How do you solve this amicably and how do you make a fair holiday planning? I’d love to tell you how we approach this. Without hassle and with minimal hassle.

A Few Holiday Planning Guidelines 

Making a plan, you already thought about that yourself. But how do you do this honestly and practically? I have listed a few guidelines for you:

Set a deadline! There are always colleagues who already want to book and miss out on a great offer when others have not yet decided when they want a holiday. Agreeing a deadline helps to prevent this. In addition, this way you don’t have to stress about the holiday planning at the last minute.

Check the minimum number of colleagues that must be present in order to cope with the work. Are there solutions if the occupancy is less than that? If not, stick to the minimum occupancy. No one likes to come back from vacation in a mess and no one wants to work upside down because a colleague is lying on the beach.

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When everyone has completed the planning or the deadline has passed, you check whether there are any bottlenecks. Are there gaps in the schedule? Perhaps a part-timer or on-call worker can work those extra hours to fill the gaps. If not, you really have to talk as a team. And that conversation does not always go smoothly, no matter how collegial we are.

Communicate as Smoothly as Possible

It is especially important that you remain open and honest with each other. If your colleague has school-going children, it is quite logical that he/she is stuck with the school holidays, but that school holiday has 6 weeks, so you, without kids, must also be able to take time off during that period. You can also rotate: last year Pietje had those oh so favourite weeks off, so someone else can now.

It is often also possible to make a division by including other school holidays in the consultation. Can’t take time off during those popular summer weeks? Then you get priority during the Christmas holidays.¬†

Are you really struggling with your team? In that case, please contact your manager. He can look objectively and come up with a proposal.

Do Not!

What you should not want is to set rules such as “first come”. In this way it becomes a competition to see who submits his/her leave application first and that is not good for the atmosphere.

Postponing holiday planning is also not very convenient. Your colleague will not be happy when that great offer has expired and you may have a partner who also has to arrange to have the same weeks off as you at work. That’s so fun, isn’t it? That also takes some time. So just sit down for it. Just keep going, but then you can also book that well-deserved holiday.

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