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Electric Resistance Welded or ERW pipes are essential for building and infrastructure. These are the product of steel coils that are fused longitudinally. Because of the versatile nature of Electric Resistance, Welded pipes come in different sizes and play a significant role in various industries. There are various steel bar brands in India.  

The standard length of the outer diameter mostly ranges from 3.2mm to 0.6m, but if required, you can also find larger sizes in the market. The manufacturer turns the flat steel sheet into a cylindrical form to manufacture ERW steel pipes. After that, heat and pressure are generated either from using electric current through the seam or induction. 

It is used for welding both of the edges of the coil together. If you only want to purchase ERW pipes, you can buy the Zenith ERW pipes.

Benefits of using ERW Steel Pipes

  • As the seam is the only part that needs welding, the rest of the pipe is generally clean. So after the welding, all it needs is cleaning, grinding, and trimming the tube end that is welded. 
  • The reason for choosing Electric Resistance Welded pipe over the regular seamless pipes is the accuracy of dimension owing to pipe material control and higher strip rolling precision. 
  • ERW pipe has high impact toughness.
  • Industrialists’ steel sheets in making ERW pipes are of uniform thickness. As a result, the microstructure of the pipes is uniform.
  • The ERW pipes that are pre-galvanized have corrosion-resistant properties and strong rust.

Uses of ERW Steel Pipes

  • ERW pipes are used in multiple industries to construct diverse infrastructure, from railway stations and airports to the automobile industry to refinery plants. ERW pipes play an important role everywhere. 
  • ERW pipe has resistance against rust and corrosion, which is why it is commonly used in buildings near coastal or mountainous areas.
  • One of ERW pipes’ most crucial use is replacing wood for roofing any structure.
  • ERW pipes and tubes are frequently used in prefabricated structures like warehouses because they are easy to apply, and multiple sizes make them suitable for such facilities.
  • ERW is also used in the solar tracking system, construction equipment, gym equipment, and agricultural implements.
  • Electric Resistance Welded pipes are also used to manufacture trucks and heavy vehicle axles in the automobile sector.
  • ERW pipes and tubes are changing the old construction trends and their utility in scaffolding, fencing, railing, door frames, and windows. They even ply in different furniture such as benches and tables. Even equipment that the firefighters use is ERW pipe production. 

Production Technology of ERW Pipes

  • With ERW pipes, we can reduce the amount of sulfur content in steel, which helps improve the welding quality of steel pipes, advancing the desulfurization technology.
  • The vacuum degassing technology reduces inclusion, enhances the purity of the blank tube strip, and most importantly, improves steel pipe’s welding quality.
  • We can lower the number of elements equal to carbon and replace them with Vanadium, Titanium, and Niobium. As a result, it improves the welding quality of the pipes.


Many other production technologies helped improve the quality of ERW pipes. So if you are thinking about producing ERW pipes, you first need steel bars. 

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