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As you might know, the PTE exam tests your English proficiency and language communication skills. It is a must to qualify if you are willing to settle in another country for jobs or studies. Visa clarification is a nightmare without clearing the exam. 

Thus, it becomes vital to have good PTE exam preparation before appearing. Like any other exam on the planet, you can learn some basic tips and tricks to crack the test. You might want to have a look at some popular PTE tutorials.

One of the major ones includes linking words. Remember you must choose your words very wisely during the exam, as it is going to have a huge impact on your PTE score. You can learn to use these high-scoring linking words during your PTE exam preparation

Here we have mentioned some of the top-scoring words you must use in your exam for a good PTE score. The plus point is that these words can be used while speaking and writing both. 

High-Scoring Linking Words for the PTE Exam Preparation

  • Therefore 

A conjunctive adverb that can be used as a transition in paras and sentences. Has the potential to make or break a sentence. If used correctly will impress the reader and make the topic extremely interesting but has an inherent capability of making you sound boring at the same time. 

It generally demonstrates a consequence of something. 

For example; She has been injured. Therefore, she cannot play. 

Here the first sentence is an event and the second sentence starting with therefore describes the consequence of that event. 

An alternative word for therefore is “thus”.

Use wisely.

  • However 

Again, a conjunctive adverb. “However,” is generally used to combine two contrasting sentences. 

For example; The exam was too held today. However, it was canceled due to unavoidable circumstances. 

In the first sentence, we are talking about an event that was to be held but was interrupted due to any reason.

  • Furthermore 

It is used when extra information needs to be added about the first sentence. Sounds very formal and sophisticated when used correctly. 

For example; The earth’s temperature is rising every day. Furthermore, a lack of knowledge on global warming and climate change makes the situation worse.

Another synonym that can be used instead of furthermore is “moreover”. But remember to use it only at the appropriately required positions. Or else it sounds really awkward.

  • For instance 

For instance, is used when you are trying to explain something. Or when you need to draw attention to a specific statement.

For example; You cannot rely on him. For instance, he is an hour late for the meeting.

It is also used in general for a specific illustration.

  • Specifically 

Specifically, is used when you need to highlight a particular point. You can use it in a brief discussion to draw attention to a specific point. 

It can even be used to give special attention to a point considered different than others during a discussion. You must start the sentence with “specifically” to draw attention.

For example; She was specifically pointed out as a good person in the crowd.

  • Because 

Famous yet effective conjunction to increase your PTE score. You will always find it mentioned in the PTE tutorials

“Because” is used generally to mention a reason behind a specific task or statement. 

For example; She is mad at him because he ignored her phone calls. 

Here the first half of the sentence is a statement/action and the other half states the reason for it. 

  • In Conclusion

In conclusion, is generally used at the end of a sentence to conclude the statement. It can also be used to clarify your previous statements. 

For example; In conclusion, your score in the PTE exam can be improved by hard work and dedication. 

  • Accordingly 

“Accordingly,” can be used while demonstrating a situation or a fact that occurred as a consequence of something. 

For example; We need to find out her plans and act accordingly.

  • Inference 

“Inference “is used when you want someone to deduce the meaning of your statement. 

For example; He emphasized on healthy lifestyle, and by inference cleanliness.

All the above-mentioned words can be used during PTE exam preparation and will help you to boost your PTE score. 

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