An epic transfer costing £34 million is in discussion. FC Metz president Bernard Serin visited the UK to discuss the conditions of a transfer of a young football talent – Pape Matar Sarr. He’s a Senegalese professional football player that has caught attention from the sharks of the football world – Manchester United and Chelsea.

The young man is demanded by a great number of world-renowned football clubs. But which one will be chosen by the Metz president? We can’t tell since he only landed in the UK for negotiation. The final decision depends on the check, we think, which is reported to be at least 34 million pounds (that’s about 40 million Euros). So, FC Metz isn’t going for a cheap deal, which means bargaining isn’t an option.

For Sarr, all the opportunities open doors to football fame and world championships!

About the Skills of Pape Matar Sarr

The midfielder has been with FC Metz for roughly a year, starting as a member of the reserve team. After only one game, he’s shown incredible skills, being chosen into the first-team set-up.

The young man has been all over the football news with 25 competitions within the previous season. He’s responsible for 4 goals, having represented Senegal at a high level.

Being only 18 years old, Pape Matar Sarr is only at the beginning of his blooming career, and not only Manchester United and Chelsea want him on their teams. Moreover, not only the UK wants to sign him up.

He’s the best in the middle of the field, being a powerful player, just the fit for the League.

Who Wants to Sign Sarr

Many European football clubs have laid an eye on the midfielder, but not each one is ready to pay over 30 million pounds. At least three UK clubs are ready to discuss the deal:

  • Manchester United;
  • Chelsea;
  • Manchester City.

Their analysts clearly see the potential of the player, forecasting a great future as a part of their respective teams. These clubs are ready for the transfer this summer, trying to persuade the president of FC Metz to agree to their offers.

On Monday, Serin reportedly visited the UK to discuss the deal with two or three clubs. These are expected to be the big sharks mentioned above.

Moreover, reporters say that Real Madrid may also be interested in a transfer. It’s not clear whether the club is ready to pay nearly 40 million Euro for one player, but we will see.

Time Will Show

We’ll see which of the clubs eventually get to harness the talent of Sarr. It mostly depends on the conditions and money that are willing to pay. In any case, the young man has a very bright future in football, succeeding in the Premier League, representing his home country and the new team he will play for.

We will continue to look at the new career twists for the Senegalese footballer with excitement and anticipation. As many of the well-known football stars are already world-famous, it’s nice to see a fresh face entering the industry with such fire!


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