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If your job, spouse, parents or another source does not offer health insurance, your best option may be the Health Care Marketplace. If you do not have health insurance via your employer, spouse, Medicare, Medicaid, or the Children’s Health Insurance Program, you can purchase a plan on the Health Care Marketplace.

Marketplace plans divide into four categories: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. While Platinum has the greatest monthly cost but the broadest coverage, Bronze has the lowest monthly cost but the least amount of coverage.

  • A qualifying event is a shift in your circumstances that enables you to make changes to your current health insurance plan or enroll in a new one outside of open enrollment periods.
  • You would have to hold off on making any adjustments until the subsequent open enrollment period if there were no qualifying events. The birth or adoption of a child, a spouse’s passing, or a change in one’s marital status are common examples of qualifying occurrences.
  • In the absence of open enrollment periods, a qualifying event enables you to make changes to your current health insurance policy or enroll in a new one.
  • During open enrollment periods, you can select the kind and level of coverage according to your need. With coverage commencing at the start of the next year, open enrollment periods are often held toward the conclusion of the current year.

Health Care Marketplace or Health insurance markets, often known as health exchanges, are institutions in each state in the United States where individuals may buy health insurance.

Applying via or your state exchange is preferable to purchasing straight from an insurer if you want to be eligible for subsidies. During the yearly open enrollment period, you have the best opportunity of finding reasonably priced, complete health insurance.

To obtain health insurance, you can also collaborate with a broker or agent. You won’t pay a fee if you work with a broker. You might not see all of the plans that suit your needs if you buy health insurance through an online health insurance brokerage, sometimes known as a private exchange.

Might be able to get health insurance at a discounted rate if you purchase through an association or membership organization.

Application Period For Coverage

If a qualifying event occurs, you can be qualified for a special enrollment period. One of the results of the following scenario in that:

  • Your current medical insurance ends (such as from losing your job).
  • Either you marry or you get divorced.
  • A kid is either born to you or is adopted.
  • A new county or ZIP code is where you relocate.
  • Your insurance coverage has changed as a result of a change in your income.

To sign up for health insurance through the Marketplace:

  • need to be a US citizen.
  • Be a citizen or national of the United States (or be lawfully present).
  • Ineligible for imprisonment.

There is no permission to purchase health or dental plan via the Marketplace if you have Medicare coverage. The following immigrant statuses are eligible to utilize the Marketplace:

  • Green Card holder and lawful permanent resident
  • Haitian/Cubanian Entrant
  • Resident Temporary and Legal
  • American Samoan national
  • Deferred Action Status (With one exception: DACA recipients are ineligible to qualify for health insurance due to their immigration status)
  • Asylee\sRefugee
  • Imported by a pardon.
  • Before 1980, conditional entry was granted.
  • Victimized Spouse, Child, and Parent
  • Trafficking victim and his or her partner, child, sibling, or parent
  • granted a stay of removal or a stay of deportation by immigration regulations or the Convention against Torture
  • A person with non-immigrant status is someone who has a work visa (such as an H-1B, H-2A, or H-2B), a student visa (such as a U or T visa), or someone who is a citizen of Micronesia, the Marshall Islands, or Palau.
  • The Department of Homeland Security issued an administrative order delaying removal.
  • American Indian or a member of an Indian tribe recognized by the federal government born in Canada

Following statuses are required for use of the Health Care Marketplace:

  • Protected Status for the Short Term with Work Permit
  • Juvenile Special Immigrant Status
  • Visa for victims of trafficking
  • Change in LPR Status
  • Refusal to Deport or Refuse to Remove by Immigration Laws

Following statuses are eligible for the Marketplace:

  • Applications for Registry Order of Supervision
  • Application for Rescinding Removal or Restraining Deportation
  • Immigration Reform and Control Act candidate seeking legalization (IRCA)
  • In compliance with the LIFE Act

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