How To Replace Your PS3 Hard Drive From Your Device

Backing up your PS3 difficult power is a satisfactory manner to save you dropping your PS3 games, and it’s far very useful in case you need to improve your difficult power of PS3.

PS3 has its backup device with a view to now no longer take tons of time or space. However, it would get you out of hassle with inside the future backup power for PS3 must be formatted with FAT32.

You can use Disk Management or DiskPart.exe in Windows or Disk Utility in Mac OS to lay out your backup power to FAT32. 

As per Ps3 hard drive replacement Ballwinif the backup power you pick out has extra than 32GB capacity, you want to apply 0.33 birthday celebration partition software program to layout it to FAT32, along with AOMEI Partition Assistant, which also can assist you in exchanging NTFS to FAT32 without records loss.

Ways to back up

  • Cloud

You should be a PlayStation Plus member to apply this feature. Firstly, check-in on your PSN account.

Then, on the Cross Media Bar (XMB), flow the choice to Game, then flow right down to Saved Data Utility (PS3).

Select it, then flow right down to the sport you need to back up the saves for. Press triangle in your controller then picks the Copy option.

Choose Online Storage, and your recreation might be sponsored as much as the cloud.

  • USB

Firstly, register on your PSN account, then insert your USB garage device, whether or not flash power or tough power.

Navigate to Game at the XMB, and then pass right down to Saved Data Utility (PS3). Select it, then pass right down to the sport you need to back up the saves for.

Press triangle in your controller and pick the Copy option. Choose a USB Device, and your sport may be subsidized up on your outside power.

  • On Windows

After you put together a detachable power formatted with FAT32, then you could join it on your PS3 to get started: 

    1. Navigate to Settings > System Settings > Backup Utility>Back Up. 

    2. Choose “Yes” to confirm. 

    3. In the subsequent screen, you can see your detachable power. If you need to backup PS3 to USB power, you want the right USB adaptor with a few fashions of the PS3 system. Otherwise, it’ll you’ll get a “no disks detected” blunders message. Then pick the power and press “X” to continue. 

    4. Then, the backup is in process. When it completes, you’ll get a message announcing that “Back up completed.” 

As per Ps3 hard drive replacement Ballwin, if you cannot spare a tough outside power to be formatted with FAT32, you could backup PS3 tough power on your laptop tough power with loose backup software.


There are different ways to back up their saved data on the PS3 hard drive.

In this article, we talked about each different way and their steps as stated by the Ps3 hard drive replacement Ballwin.

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