positive and negative effects of technology

Technological development is crucial for implementing new ideologies that contribute to several development aspects. 

Several benefits are associated with technological development, and notable changes are made using the technology in almost all fields, from agriculture to space science. 

The technological benefits are numerous, and it has a great impact on day-to-day life. Similar to the sides of coins, there exist positive and negative effects of technology that are likely to change the lifestyle of individuals.

Significance Of Technology:

Technology plays a predominant role in the day to day life. It improves the communication process through various inventions and developments. Moreover, technological inventions simplify complex activities and reduce human effort to a greater extent.

The notable changes that technology brings to day-to-day life are as follows. 

  • It saves time
  • Improves communication and interactions
  • Easy access to information
  • Ensures safety through various process

The latest inventions bring several changes in the environment and improve the functionality of various sectors. Apart from all these factors, technology’s positive and negative effects are also accountable for various impacts in every field. 

Positive Effects Of Technology:

Technological development has a great impact on organizations, students, the communication sector, scientific research sectors, the health care industry, etc. Some of its positive effects include

  • Improvement in productivity
  • Improved communication aspect
  • It saves time in performing tasks and in processing the task
  • It encourages remote education
  • It increases the possibility of cheap manufacturing of products
  • Technology is essential to make life easier and also to solve complex problems
  • It creates several mobility options
  • It helps in financial transactions and payments securely by making the process easier.
  • It assists the health industry in inventing new medical cures
  • It improves the usage of virtual space with the cloud computing option

All these positive factors are notable and benefit the evolution of the development process.

Negative Effects Of Technology:

Constant use of technology affects human health to a greater extent. It affects the mental health of the growing children and teenagers and develops severe health conditions. The negative effects of technology are as follows.

  • It increases the depression level
  • It develops a lack of sleep
  • Increases obesity
  • There are possibilities for ADHD
  • It decreases communication and thereby affects the intimacy between the couple.
  • Possibilities of cyberbullying
  • It affects the privacy of the individuals

These are all the negative effects of technology, and one needs to be aware while using the technology as there are chances to spoil the health and relationships to a greater extent.

Know The Usage Of Technology:

People must know to differentiate the positive and negative effects of technology to understand its consequences better. The differentiation determines the priorities and prevents individuals from being addicted to the technology and its implementation. 

It even makes the individuals isolated and affects their sleeping habits, which is the major cause of developing several severe health conditions.


Technological development and implementation are a boon to humanity. There are several positive aspects to staying connected with technology. Still, humans must know how to use technology effectively without affecting their daily routines or personal life. 

Even students are benefited from technological developments, and they must be careful enough to deal with the same to remain unaffected by its negative impacts. 

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