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Gone are the days when parents used to see coding as an odd hobby for nerds and geeks to engage in their basements. Now, as the world is constantly moving forward virtually and technologically, people understand that computer programming for kids is extremely beneficial for a wide range of prospects as it not only strengthens their skills like logical thinking, abstract ideas, creative and problem-solving abilities but also improves their perseverance and confidence.

While there are tons of different coding languages varying in complexity, application, and ease of use. Selecting the right one for your kid holds a great significance as the complex ones can break their confidence and affect their interest.

So it is always advisable to choose a language that is easy to grasp and put to use, has fewer syntax rules, allows ease of expression, and is light-hearted and fun to learn. 

And guess what! Python checks all these criteria. This high-level programming language, invented in the late 1980s, has skyrocketed in popularity with its plethora of multifaceted functions. That has helped thousands of students turn their coding interest into a passion and then a highly paid profession.

Here are some valid reasons to comprehend why you should encourage your kids to choose Python when they are about to start their very short coding journey.

1. Quick to Learn and Beginner-friendly

While the traditional programming languages such as Java, C, and C++ tend to have a lot of rules and syntax, which can be pretty discouraging and even difficult for some even to grasp the concept before they try a hand at their first coding; Python is said to be modelled as a child-friendly language that is easy to learn, read and use. 

Simply put, it eliminates all the strenuous learning before the fun begins. So definitely a great choice for kids to jump into their first coding education. Even a recent survey by WP engines says that Python is probably the second easiest language after HTML.

2. Easy Syntax and Straightforward Language

Amature developers, including kids, are eager to learn this scripting language because of its simplicity and straightforwardness in syntax and vocabulary. Many of which are taken from simple English phrases and basic Math patterns that they are already familiar with. 

With its incredible intuitiveness, Python makes computer programming for kids much more comfortable to get used to and makes them enjoy the whole process. 

3. Easy to Set Up on Your Own

Unlike any other programming language, installing Python is pretty easy. From the official website, download Python and launch the installer; once installed, quickly follow the simple steps to kick start the running environment of Python.

Whether it’s Mac OS, Windows, or Linux, the installation, though slightly different, can be done by kids on their own. If somehow any problem arises, they can easily check the guideline provided on Python’s official website.

4. Automated Task and Simple Way of Indentation

With the help of some mind-blowing automation tools and functions. It boosts your performance levels by making a lot of tasks automated, such as copy-pasting of texts, sorting out emails, etc. 

Another advantage of Python is that it doesn’t need you to use any semicolons or commas to create an indentation in code. Just use space, and you are done.

5. Improves Overall Development

With Python and it’s an easy way of learning, kids can upgrade their analytical and logical thinking. Which will come in handy in improving their overall academic performance, which will further help to obtain their future careers. As the commands used in Python are in English, they will learn to write precisely and effectively. 

They will learn to break the complicated problems into simpler steps in Python – it will help solve their math problems. This problem-solving skill will further enhance their creative and experimental sides in a playful and fun way.

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To conclude, it is obvious that Python is probably the easiest and most beneficial coding language for your kids to learn. Computer programming for kidsas explained above, is an essential skill to learn to develop their team-building spirits and communication skills — and this will empower them to negotiate with social environments, join forces with the community outside, do well in studies and fulfil their ultimate goals. So when are you enrolling your kids for a coding session?

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