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All the costs of the hospital bills, medicines, and doctor charges come under health insurance. Health insurance is a type of insurance that wholesomely covers all the medical expenses of the person already insured. Illness and health hazards can occur to any person at any time as no one is aware of the future. So the whole load of the expenses becomes quite hectic for the people as a whole to take in.

Hence people need to buy health insurance and secure one’s health. Health insurance comes in policy for individuals or families, even employees by the company. Health comes first, so one is thoroughly liable to grasp the finances for health hazards.

Types Of Health Insurance:

There are two types of health insurance for common people. Hence, to Buy Health Insurance, one can choose from the two types which will suit their Health types.

 1. Mediclaim Plans

Mediclaim or hospitalization plan is one of the common types of health insurance. It covers the cost of all the treatment when one gets admitted to the hospital. The plan covers all the expenses, but it has a specific limit to cover. 

 2. Critical Illness Insurance Plans

 Critical Illness Insurance Plans help while one gets the vital disease. These diseases can be dragged for prolonged treatment, so it needs insurance cover as per the need. The whole income thing too gets affected due to the illness. Hence it covers the monetary help as well as the entire medical expense.

Tips To Buy Health Insurance:

There are various tips to remember when one is about to buy health insurance. Those tips are:

● Looking for the right coverage- Looking for the right insurance plan which suits one with lots of benefits and plans. 

● Keeping it affordable- One should go for affordable plans, not those that will be impossible to pay for.

● Go for family policies- It is known that family policies have better specs than individual ones. The family policies cover up the whole family’s Insurance, and it is pretty less to pay as compared to the individual ones. Also, there are a lot of benefits in family insurance covers.

● Choose a lifetime plan- One should always look for life insurance coverage plans. These are beneficial and carry throughout one is alive. Choosing a year’s plan is not worth it. 

● Comparing different policies- People should look for various plans from various agencies and compare before buying one. By looking at other prospects, one can chalk out the reliable and perfect one for them.

● Going for Network coverage hospitals- Not all hospitals are covered under the insurance schemes. So it is better to look for coverage with a whole network of hospitals covered under it.

● Choosing a good brand- The insurance buyer should always look for a good brand that is real and affordable as well as has the best policies—one who has done a lot of insurance coverages with acclimation rather than a newbie.

● Choose the right plan- The most important thing is to choose the right strategy. Thé plan covers up all the needs and gives various benefits in the long run.

● Get a quoted amount to fulfill- The person should be careful about the quoted amount by the insurance company. This is the amount one needs to pay every month or at once. So be thorough with the quoted amount.

● KYC- Next comes the KYC, which means filling the details with documents and papers already. 

● Make payment- The final step is making the payment. It might be monthly, quarterly, or yearly. It depends. So please have a chat with the insurance agent and decide upon it.

● Look over the benefits and add-ons- These are added benefits and add-ons if any. One should read about it and get to know and not ignore them.

 Tricks To Buy Health Insurance:

1. Keeping a check on the Age Criteria as the claim survives on the age and the money to depend on it. 

2. Having the right combination of premium and coverage so that it can benefit the person or family in the long run.

3. Going for a minimum waiting period plan can end the wait to claim the money. 

4. Cashless hospitalization saves one from the tasking paperwork, so choose the network hospital coverage.

5. Go for a plan which has pre and post-hospitalization coverages.

6. Choosing a plan that covers the Maternity Expenses and the newborn’s expenses.

7. No Claim Bonus/Discount

8. Preventive Health Check-up Facility 

9. Look for co-payment clauses in the cover and can choose if one wants sub-limits or not.

10. Choose a smooth claim process rather than a tedious one.


The very decision to buy health insurance is a hectic thing to do. One should be cautious with the policies. Every insurance cover has different policies and terms and conditions to follow. Also, there is a monetary matter in every policy as everybody has other benefits and values. One shouldn’t fall for some cover and then feel remorseful that the cover is of no use for them. Hence, one should be more careful and calculative. 

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