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In the world of auto racing prominent racing series are formula one, Nascar sprint cup, Indycar are marquee races that happens one after another. Different forms of car racing can be c confusing and can became hodgepodge.

In the latest auto racing news, as we all know Formula one is internationally recognised racing series where 22 cars competes with each other in 19 races around the world. The series is one of the pinnacle of motor racing and it is also the most popular with among million fans who tunes for every race. They have to abide by set of formula or set of the rules that each car has to conform to and it changes every year.

The ever-changing rules, with advanced technology innovation, means that each team of the 11 teams must need to design a brand new car from scratch at the very start of every season and it is the most expensive form of racing in the world. The car price can go up to $500 million.

Formula ones cars are single seat open cockpit car which is 2.4 Litre turbocharged engine which is hybrid and produced as much as 760 hp. Every car is equipped with advanced kinetic energy recovery system and well DRS equipped with rear wings. The design, development of construction chassis and engine car cost up to billion dollars annually.

What to Look for Latest Auto Racing News:

Where F1 and dashing cars meet, the billionaires, mega yachts, and celebrities come out to play. You have to keep eye on bold names and royalty that it brings. The key attraction is Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian vettel. Keep an eye out for the many bold-faced names and royalty peppered around the race.

On the track, the key attraction will be the Mercedes, McLaren, some of the F1 world champion, is on an absolute tear of having won four races in a row.


It is the highest form of American open wheel racing. It is based in and around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, this is one of the fastest racing series in US with top speeding of about 230 mph at the indy, Fontana and Texas.

How the Cars Are?

Just like formula one indy cars are open wheel and open cockpit race cars. The vast difference is the team’s budgets on comparison with other F1 counterparts in latest auto racing news. Instead of building their own race cars, the teams buy chassis from Italy’s Dallara. These cars are powered by 2.2 litre turbocharged V-6 engines provided by either Honda or Chevrolet that put out anywhere between 550-700 horsepower.

What to Watch for Out for?

Indy 500 is more than a race, it is a cultural event complete with all circumstance included. At 500 miles and 200 laps, the race is to be gruelling but competitive with big money on the line. The winner of Indy 500 took home millions of dollar in prize money.

 NASCAR Sprint Cup

Formula one is the playground for wealthy playboys, NASCAR came from more humble origins. It was once a competitive hobby for moonshine runners in the Deep South with time it has evolved into the multi-billion dollar business which is the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. At the top in the hierarchy of Nascar is the Sprint Cup Series.

What are the Race Cars Like?

Here the cars are not push towards innovation in robinhood news, NASCAR focuses more on keeping the cars as uniform as possible so that the driver’s skill gets precedent over the car.

The ultimate effect of this philosophy is that Sprint Cup racers need to utilize new technology even which is compared to everyday road cars. Electronic fuel injection, a technology present in roads cars for more than two decades.

Sprint Cup car generally powered by push-rod V-8 engines which roughly 850 horsepower. These car may look like production Chevys or Fords but they are actually custom-built and have tubular space frame with chassis wrapped in sheet metal.

What to Find Out?

The Coca Cola 600 runs under lights at Charlotte Motor Speedway, and is NASCAR’s longest race of the year. The 400 lap, 600 mile affairs is an exhausting exercise in endurance for both driver and machine. This year as per robinhood news, driver Kyle Larson can be at the watch out list.

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