In the UK, the covid-19 situation is well under control, and there are very few cases in the country. The restrictions that were earlier placed heavily on traveling and social distancing are getting eased up slowly.

But the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is still worried. He has stated that even the lockdown has eased up; people still need to keep playing their part in stopping this situation from getting bad again in the future.

Situations regarding having a baby and raising him or her in this lockdown

Bringing and giving birth to a new life is tough, and it gets worse in this pandemic time. Many people had recently showered us with their experiences of having a baby when the lockdown was in full effect, and the pandemic was in its prime. People explained how tough the situation got for them.

They explained the troubles they had to go through raising a child all by themselves. Many have said that raising a child when there is no interaction with other people is doable, but they added that it often tends to get lovely.

Bitcoin goes down!! Is ethereum on its way to rule cryptocurrency?

Elon Musk is no doubt one of the most influential men on our planet today. He recently posted a tweet stating that Tesla will no longer accept bitcoin as a mode of payment as it harms the environment.

Since then, the price and rate of bitcoin have seen a downfall that it has never experienced before. Several analysts were shocked by this and started researching what could be the next big thing. It is believed that Ethereum can very well be the new ruler of cryptocurrency.

Is oral sex safer than kissing in Covid times? 

Many people are willing to believe that oral sex is a safer way to date in these covid times and prefer it than kissing. People believe kissing is an easier way of commuting the virus, whereas, in oral sex, that is less easy.

This is not at all the case, even though people may not believe it. In kissing and in oral sex, covid can spread in the same manner via your respiratory system. So, choosing one over the other is pointless in this scenario, as if your partner has covid, you can have it also whether you have oral sex or even have a kiss.



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