A new revelation was announced in a recent meeting to determine the traveling situation for Britons in Spain. As it was announced earlier, people in the UK were allowed to travel internationally from tomorrow.


There were different countries they were allowed to, but Spain was not one of them. This has changed as Spain has been included in the green list of countries people from the UK were allowed to travel if tested negative from covid-19.


Brits seem to be willing to pay 1,478 euros more for safer travel


A recent survey was carried out where many travel insurers were asked about the traveling situation and how many safety precautions are taken. It is seen that after talking to most of them, a common conclusion came that all of them seem to agree to.


This states that all insurers agreed that the people in the UK are eager to pay more to ensure that they get a safe traveling situation while traveling abroad. The amount that came into consideration was about 1,478 euros more than the normal price for each individual.


Tomorrow, people will finally be able to travel freely across nations


Tomorrow is the date that people in the UK will start going across nations as it was decided many days earlier that May 17 was the day from when Brits will be allowed to travel to some countries that fall under the safe green list.


Most of these countries that fall on this list are European countries. The government assures that more and more countries will be added to this list, which turns out better with time. Spain was the latest country that was added to this list.


New Disney Cruiseship is on its way with Moana Theme


It is in reports that a new cruise ship called Disney Wish is said to debut next year. It is recently revealed that this ship will have a penthouse called the Wish Tower Suite. It is said to be the first of its kind funnel suite and is said to be inspired by the Moana animation.


The suite is said to depict the artwork, iconography, and materials similar to the one that people saw in Disney’s film Moana. This suite is said to be over 2000 square feet large and is said to give a lavish lifestyle.  


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