Recently Emma Stone was spotted taking some time off from her parenting duties. Emma, 32, who recently welcomed her child into this world in March, has remained reasonably busy taking care of the needs of her precious baby. Emma Stone, who has previously won the Academy Award, was seen in her no-makeup, casual look in Beverly Hills on Friday, where she took some time off from her daily routines.

Jennifer Lopez to consider the romance with ex-fiancée Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez was recently spotted with Ben Affleck in a gateway to Montana the last weekend. Jennifer has also agreed that the romance between her and Ben has kicked off pretty well in the previous few days.

Both Ben and Jennifer were together for a while and even got engaged before their romance ended in 2004. Even after 17 years, both of them managed to immerse themselves in a romantic weekend gateway.

However, Jennifer has also mentioned that she would not be rushing this get-together and take some time to figure out this relationship. Jennifer, 51, was recently seen to split up with her latest partner Alex Rodriguez and two have remained separated.

Jimmy Kimmel and Chris Rock make the same coloration

Both the TV stars, Jimmy Kimmel and Chris Rock, seemed to have come to a similar conclusion. On Thursday, Chris Rock came in as a guest to the Jimmy Kimmel show, where they had a long chat about this year’s Oscars. Shockingly, both Jimmy and Chris were relieved to know that they did not have to host the ceremony this year, and the show’s script was ‘humorless.’

The Academic Awards 2021 was one of the least-watched Oscars with only 10.4 million views. However, the average views count for Oscars has consistently remained over 30 million. Jimmy went along and added that he was relieved not to be involved in this year’s presentation in any manner.

Shawn Mendes hints towards a new release

Shawn Mendes has remained one of the most favorite song artists for the young generation. On Friday, Shawn posted a total of three videos through his Instagram handle and let his fans have a gaze at his work.

However, Shawn Mendes did not let his fans have their just yet as he uploaded the videos without any sound. In the first video, Shawn was ecstatically singing in his car, and in the following two videos, he was seen dancing around the pool, which hinted towards a new release, according to many fans.


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