The Scottish football team, Rangers, secured an astonishing win in the finals of the Scottish Premiership season, defeating Aberdeen. Rangers won the finals of the Scottish Premiership season 4-0 against Aberdeen and managed to secure an unbeaten streak for all the 38 games this season.

Rangers secured a total of 10 points in all the 38 matches, winning all of them. The next team in the standings after the Rangers are the previous champions, Celtic.

Leeds defeat Burnley 4-0 at Turf Moor

Earlier this week, Leeds took on Burnley in the hopes of securing a spot at the first half of the leader table. However, due to the significant impact from the super substitute, Rodrigo, Leeds not only managed to secure their win against Burnley, but they did it in fashion, defeating them 4-0.

Rodrigo, who entered the arena later than one could imagine, struck back-to-back goals for the win and took his team to a throttling victory.

Police intervene in Rangers’ title celebration

Rangers, who managed to secure a massive victory against Aberdeen in the finals, were all set to present themselves for the title cup lifting. However, as the match ended, thousands of Rangers fans showed up in Ibrox.

This mass gathering from the Rangers fans led to the intervention of the police, who had to urge them to follow and respect the government norms, given the current social implications. The footballers from the Rangers team were also seen urging their fans to maintain the social standards and not celebrate in public.

Virgil Hunter leads Joshua Buatsi to win the light-heavyweight championship

Recently, a secret letter concerning Joshua Buatsi has been found, which will lead everyone to the true intentions of the boxer when he will be inside the ring. However, Virgil Hunter mentions that the letter would be opened only a year after, and only then, the contents of the letter would be revealed.

Virgil Hunter, who was seen at the ringside and Joshua Buatsi are planning to train the boxer for the light-heavyweight championship. However, many obstacles lay ahead of the path for Joshua, as well-renowned fighters are seen competing for this title.

Emma Hayes from Chelsea considers women ‘inspiring generations’.

Chelsea’s women team are all set to face Barcelona in the Champion’s League final, and Emma Hayes had something extraordinary to say regarding the ladies. Emma Hayes, a footballer of Chelsea’s women team, mentioned that women are inspiring today’s generations.

Adding on to it, Emma went ahead and said about the dream that has come true when she is in the dressing room with all her teammates. According to her, these women have been an inspiration for her and their families back home.


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