Pep Guardiola decisively put forward the first principle of possession to help Manchester City win the title for Premier League this season. The sweeping changes that Pep made in the preparation helped the team secure the title, and Juanma Lillo, the longtime confidant of Pep, played a crucial key to keep him motivated and keep the group under a functional regime.

Leicester beat Manchester United 2-1 to secure a place for Manchester City

Leicester, who had earlier defeated Manchester United in Premier League, played a crucial role in their standings for the overall league. Leicester, with this victory, also ensured that Manchester City holds the Premier League title for this season.

This key victory has also helped Leicester move up to the third position in the Premier League standings while also having two more games. Thus, securing a place for their team in the Champions League later this year.

Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury are set to see each other off in Saudi Arabia

The well-renowned boxers Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury are all set for their match-up in Saudi Arabia, which would most likely occur on 7th August. The duo was previously seen to exchange words in their Twitter handles, and as per their statements, it is evident that the heat is building up.

Joshua and Fury are pretty famous for their aggression all over Britain, and both of them have engaged in several heated twitter battles as of now.

Danny Willett is looking for a grand comeback after COVID recovery

Danny Willet, a professional golfer from Britain, tested COVID positive at the start of this season. Having played only a handful of matches, Willet was excessively distressed about his performance on court this season.

However, as per the latest records, Willet seemed to have almost recovered from his illness and looking forward to a grand comeback in this season. Willet is very positive and taking care of his training sessions while preparing his body to enter the arena once again.

Southampton beat Crystal Palace 3-1

 Southampton managed to secure a sure victory against Crystal Palace, ending the match at 3-1. Danny Ings, the star for Southampton, scored two goals to help his team secure a clear victory. Danny, who had been rested for a while due to some injuries, made a massive comeback at the end of the season and scoring two crucial goals for his team.


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