Cracks found in the Carriages have led the UK to cancel all high-speed trains

According to the reports, concerning cracks have been found in the carriages of trains, which have led to the suspension of all high-speed trains in the UK. However, as per the passengers, this phenomenon is very grave and critical as traveling becomes even more hectic during these times.

However, the officials have announced that the train service would be wisely regulated until the carriages are inspected with utmost clarity so that no mishaps take place.

The cost of building materials in the UK is off the roof

The building materials and the resources to build houses in the UK have become excessively expensive and equally challenging to together. This has led to a passive halt of building projects until further notice.

The massive demand for raw materials such as concrete and timber and other fundamentals such as taps and tiles has led to an immense increase in their costs. This has resulted in a grave situation as builders and even homeowners find it challenging to put forward a home renovation project.

Insurance costs associated with Electric vehicles are way cheaper than petrol or diesel alternatives

As per the reports, the electric car insurance in the UK is about 45 Euros less than the cars that run on petrol and diesel. According to a survey, the average cost of electric car insurance in the UK is as low as 566 Euros.

In comparison, the drivers that use a petrol or diesel driven vehicle have to pay an amount close to 611 Euros for the same benefits.

The rail leader, Mick Lynch, is all set for the upcoming battle

Mick Lynch, the newly elected RMT chief, announced that the union members are all set for the industrial action at Network Rail. The headquarters of Rail, Maritime and Transport union’s London is known to be the abode of the gallery containing the portraits of all renowned union leaders from history.

Most of these portraits, which are aged over a century, have been gazed down from the walls of the headquarters. Mick Lynch was reported pointing out the sell-outs amongst these leaders while denouncing them.

Small providers in the United States of America are distressed after health insurers report over one billion USD in the first quarter

The health insurance companies in the United States of America have reportedly profited in billions after the first quarter of this year. This, on the contrary to the enormous losses of the last year, is seen as a significant success for large insurance companies.


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