The German anti-trust watchdogs suspect Amazon to be exploiting the dominance that it has on the market. This suspicion has made them investigate the company. This federal cartel office is already in Amazon’s offices to investigate the company’s price control mechanisms and the relationship with traders on the platform.


Amazon officials made a public statement saying that the company is fully cooperating with the investigation even though they did not comment on the proceedings. The Federal Cartel Office is going to look on the matter behind the company’s unrivaled position for so long.


UK agriculture industry to be hit by the trade deal with Australia


The UK government officials were in several negotiations with the Australian counterpart regarding the beef and lamb and Import and export. As part of the Brexit trade deal, it seems the Australian beef and lamb producers will be granted tariff-free access to the UK.


On hearing about this deal, farmers are in severe discomfort and are continuously trying to talk with government officials regarding the deal. They have concerns that this deal will have major damage to the UK agricultural industry.


New laws to be implemented for homebuyers, renters, and homeowners


Government officials have stated that the ban that was placed on bailiff enforcement action will soon be lifted. This ban lift that will be effective from next month is said to give landlords the right to take their tenants to court.


The officials also added that several such new laws would be placed regarding rent and tenant over the course of the year. These laws are still in the development stage and are thought-about intensively. There is yet to see how people react to these laws and what major effect does it have.


New fire and rehire policy implemented by several companies due to covid


Covid-19 has taken a huge toll on almost all industries over the past years. Now that situations are under control, companies are now implementing a new fire and rehire policy. According to this policy, companies are firing employees and then rehiring them. Due to the need for jobs, these people are made to accept the worse and worse working conditions.


This policy might be working for the company’s benefits, but employees are extremely dissatisfied with it. Many employees have openly stated their discomfort with this policy, and in doing so, some of these companies are making the matter worse for such employees.


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