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Every business owner has one question on their mind. Which type of app is best suited for my business? If you are wondering about which app to build, then a one size fits all formula does not exist.

The ongoing debate between native, hybrid, and web apps seems to have no clear winner since each one has its benefits. Consulting react native development companywill help you understand which app caters to your needs as there are several competing factors such as your project deadline, budget, and objective. So, continue reading to make an informed decision about which technology is meant for you.

1) Features of Native App Development

It is the most common type of mobile application development that uses a specific language for specific platforms. The suitable coding platforms for native Android App Development are Java and Kotlin. The preferred languages for iOS app development are Swift and Objective-C.

The native development platform is built using an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) or select operating systems. Since there are various advantages to developing a native mobile app, most companies opt for this platform.

The benefits of using native app development include:

  • Native app development provides enhanced performance.
  • Native apps are easily discovered by users since they are listed in an app store.
  • The platform allows developers to access the complete feature set of the targeted platform.
  • Most app stores support native apps to the fullest.
  • Native apps offer a smooth, interactive, and intuitive user interface.
  • Native apps offer security, quality, and device compatibility since they are approved by the respective platforms.

2) Features of Hybrid App Development

The greatest advantage of hybrid app development is that it can work on various platforms and still offer the features of a native app. A hybrid app is a blend of native and web apps. Hence, hybrid apps are the best of both worlds.

A hybrid app is installed on a device in the same way as a native app. However, its technical aspects are similar to a web app. Developers use coding platforms such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML to develop hybrid apps and execute them in a WebView.

The benefits of hybrid development include:

  • There is no need for a web browser to access hybrid apps.
  • Such apps can access a device’s internal API and hardware.
  • A developer requires only a single codebase for developing a hybrid app.

3) Features of Web App Development

A web app is a condensed version of a website as it displays only a part of the information of a website. A web app is considered to offer greater functionality compared to a website.

A web app can be rendered in most popular browsers such as Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome. Moreover, there is no need to download a web app from an app store as needs to be done with most mobile apps.

A web app allows you to provide mobile-friendly content to a wider range of audiences. Such apps are very cost-effective and are great for those who want to promote their products to a large audience.

The benefits of using web app development include:

  • Such apps require the least maintenance because they use a common code base across mobile platforms.
  • Web apps are much more cost-effective in comparison to native or hybrid apps.
  • Web apps can be built for any platform as long as they can be executed in a suitable web browser.
  • Web applications can be launched in any format and at any time because they do not need approval from the marketplace and do not follow standard OS protocols.
  • Web apps get automatically updated whenever a new version is available.


One must choose react native development company to develop the app of their choice. However, you must see to it that your app’s content and services have access to the API infrastructure of your app. Moreover, the app you design must reflect the ethos of your brand and be unique rather than a copy of a competitor’s app.

So, choose the right type of app development and fulfill your user’s expectations completely.

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