The winter season is here, and you probably pull out your sweatshirts, coats, hoodies, and all woolen outfits from the wardrobe, right? In this cold weather wearing your fashionable dresses and fashion accessories becomes tuff. Jewelry is a part of our day-to-day life so, this cold weather can’t stop us from styling wholesale fashion jewelry accessories. 

Let’s look at some chic jewelry accessories that you can go for styling this winter. That includes gold plated pendants, chains, bold gold plated earrings, and more. 

Best Picks of Wholesale Fashion Jewelry to Try with Winter Outfits

1. Dangle Earrings 

If you are going out with the scarf around your neck, then there is no need to place a necklace. With a scarf and mufflers, go with the earrings that will highlight your face. Try out the long dangle earrings with your coat and sweatshirts. There are a lot of metalic dangle earrings available like gold plated earrings, pearl dangles, stone danglers, and more. Dangle and hanging style earrings are also suited to wear one-sided earrings. 

2. Colorful Gemstones Rings

Come on, show up some styles by adding the colorful gemstone rings with the winter dress-up. Show off your beautiful hands with the bold rings. You can go for staking up different rings or wear some big and bold rings. The bold jewelry will easily highlight your outlook. Colorful gemstones are suitable to wear with winter and woolen outfits. So you can casually style it up. 

3. Long Pendant Necklaces 

After the earrings, neck jewelry will also help to catch the attention. Go for styling the gold plated pendants with a stunning long chain. Long necklaces are available in varieties like lariat style, opera styles, different pendant necklaces, and more. You can wear evil eye pendants, hamsa hand pendants, animal pendants, gold plated pendants, lockets, and anything you like. 

4. Stunning Silver Jewelry 

In the huge wholesale fashion jewelry market, we are available with different materials and metals for a specific jewelry piece. That metallic jewelry can be gold, rose gold, plating jewelry, silver, and more. Let’s go this winter season with stunning silver jewelry. Style up some silver bracelets and earrings to glam up your winter look. You can as well try bold or statement jewelry with silver material. 

5. Pearl String Necklaces

Pearl jewelry is back in the fashion jewelry trend with upgraded designs that you will love to style on. You can go to layer up the pearl necklace around your neck in this cold weather. And you might know, pearls can be natural and cultured. Therefore you will get pearl necklaces with many fresh and unique designs. The original pearls are costly since they are rare, but cultured pearls come up with budget-friendly rates. So on, you can go with your preferred pearl choice.  

6. Bold Earrings 

Be the center of attention by styling statement jewelry pieces. Statement jewelry always gives more glamours than your ordinary jewelry accessories. And as I said before, if you do not prefer to wear neck jewelry with a winter outfit, then try the bold earrings this time. 

By adding bold and chunky gold plated earrings, you can make the focal point of your appearance. You can try the statement earrings like bold studs, drop style earrings, big hoops, gold plated earrings, or other metallic earrings.  

7. Brooches

It’s time to style up some more apart from earrings and necklaces. Well, brooches are for both men’s and women’s wholesale fashion jewelry accessories. Show up the winter style by adding the bling of Brooch to your winter coat. There are plenty of options available for clips or badges.  

8. Chunky Chains 

With gold plated pendants must look at the chunky chains. The big trend of wholesale fashion jewelry is to mix and match. You can casually mix and match different-length necklaces or gold plated pendants with chains. Chains are also available in different lengths and materials. 

Some prefer to wear simple stunning chains, or on-other hand, some like to style up bold and chunky chains. You can go with your choice to layer up your neck jewelry. There are many chain varieties available for men’s and women’s fashion.  

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Popular Styles of Chains

  • Mariner Chains 
  • Ball Chains
  • Box Chains 
  • Figaro Chains
  • Curb Chains 
  • Link Chains
  • Herringbone Chains 
  • Rollo Chains  
  • Rope Chains 
  • Singapore Chains
  • Gucci Chains 
  • Diamond-Cut Chains

And more styles are available for chain accessory. 

9. Floral Jewelry 

After trying the pearls and gold plated earrings let’s try the floral jewelry. This pretty-looking jewelry will adorn your look from just good to wow. If you wish to try something bold, floral jewelry is available with statement forms too. In the jewelry market, many varieties are available for gold plated earrings, pendants, and rings in floral patterns.  

10. Add Some Bracelets 

Winter wholesale fashion jewelry collection is totally incomplete without bracelet ornaments. Must add the charm bracelets into your winter jewelry collection. Charms can perfectly go with each casual and fashion style. Besides charms, you can also wear beaded and gemstone bracelets in winter fashion. There is not necessary to wear a bracelet lower the sleeves. You can also wear bracelets over the sleeves because jewelry has no boundaries. 

It’s all for now to try this winter season. 



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