PSD to WordPress Conversion

After following all of this you will be able to make out the process of PSD to WordPress conversion that can be done by any individual. Among content management platforms, it is the most chosen platform. In comparison with others, it is adaptive to developers and users. It can implement complex features and easy-to-run capabilities. WordPress demand is growing day by day in the market.

The biggest advantage of WordPress is its super-friendly interface that can be operated easily by anyone as it does not require any technical knowledge. It can save lots of costs for business owners who work on a limited budget. Using WordPress you can create any website in less time. You can easily convert PSD to WordPress. Many people are also using PSD to HTML conversion.

Using a Few Steps you can do Conversion of PSD to WordPress:

Slicing Design: 

the first thing that you have to do is to slice down all images and elements. Elements like background, designs, and images needed to be sliced. The developer can use them during the process of development. PSD to WordPress service provider follow the standard method of slicing so that developers can use them accordingly.

Creation of HTML and CSS files for PSD to HTML Conversion:

Using the CSS code you can convert sliced elements into an HTML format and style them. To perform this task you need to create index.html and styl.css files. At this time the knowledge of HTML and CSS is necessary as both files will be used throughout the development process. You can take help from PSD to WordPress Company as they have front-end and back-end developers who can take care of all of this. 

If you want to use bootstrap then initialize in the head section and you can use javascript in the body section of the idex.html page by which it can support javascript plugins. It adds HTML and CSS-based design templates for typography, navigation, tables, and many more.

Make a Shape of Your Website: 

Using WordPress hierarchy create a template that you think is suitable for your business. Using the sliced elements you have to shape up a template to a functional site. Insert all features of PSD. Create custom posts and templates as per your need. Professional web developers can use various patterns to do this. It can help you to create core functionality without any complex situation. The developers need to follow coding instructions. People need to decide flow and move according to it. It will decide the user experience too.

Addition of Core Functions of PSD to HTML Conversion : 

WordPress allows you to add extra features according to specific needs. You also have to extend functionality that is separate from PSD. WordPress allows you to do custom development according to the features. For this purpose, WordPress has a plugin marketplace.

Testing of the Work: 

1) After the finishing of coding and customization, the last and important step is testing. You need to make sure that your website runs on all browsers smoothly. You also need to check your website’s compatibility across devices and add extra functionality which is missing.

2) After full customization and implementation of code, you have to work by manual and automatic testing techniques. You need to make sure all features are working smoothly. You need to perform the following testing like browser testing, device compatibility testing, functionality testing, user acceptance testing, performance testing, database testing, security testing.

3) WordPress development is rapid as it moves towards testing aspects of websites. By testing, you make the end product more robust and sustainable. You have to follow the standard procedure of testing to have more chances to sustain on the internet. Convert PSD to WordPress to get better results.

4) In modern days online presence is necessary for any business. It increases your reach and provides you with global visibility. Conversion of PSD to wp gives you an extra advantage to manage a website in a hassle freeway. You can do it all by yourself or you can hire a PSD to HTML conversion company for your service. 


Professionals can take care of the website and make it a reality. You should go for PSD to WordPress conversion to get the best quality services. Find out the best company to build your website. Go for an experienced company to make your website.

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