Do you love tough games?

If yes then monopoly is the right game for you. But it can be quite tough. As not many people play it because it contains many rules and tricks.

Here, we will let you know how to play monopoly correctly. And enjoy your home with your friends.

Moreover, you can buy grab and go games online now. There are many shopping websites available where you can buy grab and go games online. Steps are mentioned below:- 

Who can play and how many people can join?

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Firstly, it can be played with 4 people. 2 people can not play the game because ofrules and mechanics. Furthermore, it can be played by 3-5 people. Similarly, 6 to 8 friends. And based on understanding, it is wisely said children of 8 or above can play the satta matka kalyan games. 

Settings of the monopoly game 

Here, decide about the bank of monopoly.  Although, place a box to refer to it as a bank. And the player will be in charge of all money. Additionally, property, hotels, houses and all the belongings of bankers. But make sure other players will separate their money. Lastly, open the monopoly and place it on a flat floor or table. Try not to play In congested places when players won’t be able to put their money in front of them. After that the first bank has to do is to distribute money to all the friends playing monopoly grab. He should give each $1500. You can exchange money from players in case of paying bills. For example, $1000 to 10 $100. 

   UK version        US version 

  • 2 $500s            2 $500s
  • 4 $100s.           2 $100s
  • 1 $50                2 $50 s
  • 1 $20.               6 $ 20s
  • 2 $10s.              5 $10s
  • 5 $1s                 5 $1s 

How to play monopoly 

Step first: there is a dice given with the monopoly grab and go. So, roll the dice and select who will be the first player. All four to six have to roll and whoever gets the highest number will be the first player of monopoly. 

Step two: secondly, roll the dice. For example, you get the number 6 then move 6 spaces further into your piece. Then, you have to look where you landed your piece. If it is a buy property then buy and if it is rent paid then you have to pay rent. Hence, collect money or go to jail. 

Step third: Thirdly, when you land your piece on the property called rail board (coloured strips) then buy it from the money you have. Money will be written on it. Furthermore, if your piece lands on an unowned property. If you opt not to buy it then the banker will take it. But many friends refuse this rule while playing it at home. Additionally, where you land on another property then you should pay the rent of it. 

Step fourth: fourthly, if you want to win and get a monopoly grab and go. Then buy properties in coloured groups and you will win. Furthermore, when you have a monopoly the benefit is to build a house on it. And, higher the rent if it. But, you can not build two buildings on one property.

Afterwards, when you are done with building 4 houses then replace one house with a banker. He will give you one hotel then. Moreover, you can earn $200 by passing through the ‘GO’. Meanwhile, in jail, you can follow many activities. For instance, buy, participate, rent and trade with players.

This is how you win a monopoly. Although, if you have less time. Then set the time limit and count everyone’s money. Whoever has the highest money will be the winner.  To conclude, you can buy grab and go games online from Amazon or Flipkart. You do not have to move from store to store in the search for games.


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