easy cooking recipes for beginners

Eating in restaurants won’t help to retain your body healthy and well. Cooking yourself is not a difficult one. Many easy cooking recipes for beginners are available to practice. So, let’s study and know the top 5 easy cooking recipes in the article below.


Put the pasta into the pot, add a little salt during the boiling process, cook for 8 minutes, pour out, add the pasta sauce, and mix well. Add appropriate water and cook it on high heat. Turn off the heat and gently prompt the boiling water to make a little whirl.

Put the egg into the centre of the whirlpool gracefully and dance for three minutes. Cover the pasta with poached eggs, and if you feel the taste is bland, you can add an appropriate amount of pasta seasoning powder.


Two eggs for one person, cheese, some butter, some ham. Crack the eggs into a bowl and add a pinch of black pepper. Shred the ham and cheese slightly. Heat the pan, add some butter, and melt it completely. Add eggs and fry over low heat. When frying eggs, you can use chopsticks or the like to shovel the eggs from the edge to the centre slowly; this is to make the egg liquid fully heated and maintain the tenderness of the Omelet.

Add the ham and cheese when only a tiny egg is left in the middle when the eggs have cooked. Evenly get one side of the Omelet, leave the other side outspread, and then fry it for another 1-2 minutes. It is such a perfect and Easy Cooking Recipes For Beginners.


Diced onion and crack two eggs, add salt and mix well. Heat the oil in a hot pan, add the onion and egg mixture to the hot oil, fry until golden brown on both sides and then cut the edge of the bread. Slice the Omelet into the identical size as the bread pieces.

First, spread a piece of bread with condensed milk, put a bit of egg cake, put condensed milk on the egg cake, and then a slice of bread. Cut the bread diagonally with a knife. If you like tomatoes, you can add a layer of tomatoes. It is a sandwich with tomatoes, and it is a fabulous easy cooking recipes for beginners.

Egg Fried Rice:

Diced the Onion carrots and cut the lettuce. Stir the eggs and heat the pot for 8 minutes, but soybean oil, heat the oil, put the beaten eggs, stir fry until cooked, put it nicely, set aside. Put the oil in the pot; the oil is hot; place the chopped onions and carrots into the pot, stir fry, add the seasoning. Then put the lettuce, put the eggs and cooked rice into the pool, stir fry for a while, and turn off the heat.

Chicken Fry:

Take two chicken thighs, and the ingredients are jam fried chicken marinade fried chicken powder. Cut chicken thighs in half the size into small blocks and then put the chicken nuggets into a container and pour in a jam fried chicken marinade.

Stir well and put it in the refrigerator to marinate for 12 hours, turning it a few times in between to make it taste more evenly. The marinated chicken pieces should have been evenly coated with fried chicken powder. When the oil temperature is 220 degrees, fry it until golden brown.

Bottom line:

People staying as beginners in cooking must try to learn all the easy recipes to cook by themselves. It helps you save money instead of spending in restaurants and also you can stay as a healthy person.

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