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The GPSC Exam is one of the most challenging exams in the country, and only those who are exceptionally well-versed in current affairs can hope to get through it. 

The Gujarat Public Service Commission is a national-level exam body that conducts over 300 exams in various departments.

 The level of difficulty and content changes from one exam to another. The Gujarat Public Service Commission prepares question papers based on the news items published in newspapers and magazines.

Candidates must read newspapers in different languages, including Gujarati daily, Gujarati weekly, English daily, etc. It is also essential to have a good 

knowledge of events that took place around the world during the last year and current affairs in Gujarati so that they can answer all questions related to any particular topic.

But how many months of current affairs are required for the GPSC exam?

There is no specific answer to this question. Whenever the GPSC conducts an exam, the level of current affairs questions remains the same, but it is difficult to predict how much current affairs a person will be able to memorize in a month.

The best way to prepare for this exam is to read newspapers and magazines regularly and watch newspapers, TV channels, and news websites.

Candidates should read at least two newspapers in different languages for at least 15 minutes each day to prepare well.

At least one year to three months are required to read current affairs with good comprehension.

To be eligible for a job in any government or private office, you must have competitive C (CGST) and C (TC) rates. So, to clear this competitive exam, you must be familiar with the latest news that is happening around the globe in specific sectors of interest, such as Banking & Financial Services,

Best Subjects for to gain Knowledge in Current Affairs

1. Gujarat History: Since Gujarat is located in the heart of India, it has played a vital role in ancient times. Many incidents related to Gujarat’s history are significant for the upcoming exam. One must have a good knowledge of Gujarati history.

2. Geography: This subject also plays an essential role in the exam, as the commission can ask questions on the geography of different parts of India. The candidate must know rivers, mountains, and other geographical locations.

3. Arts & Culture: As you know, many questions related to arts and culture, such as literature, dance, music, etc., are asked in the exam. One must have a good knowledge of Gujarati literature and culture because these aspects play a vital role in the exam.

4. Economy: This subject is also essential, as the examination questions may be related to the financial problems in different countries and areas of the world. The candidate must understand India’s economy well to ensure that they can clear the exam with flying colors.

5. Government: The candidate must be well aware of the many changes taking place in various levels and branches of government so that they can efficiently answer questions relating to Gujarat in general and related to respective departments.


You can quickly grab knowledge of current affairs in Gujarati from TV, the internet, and newspapers. So, candidates who want to clear the exam should be well-versed in this subject.

I hope this article is helpful for you regarding the current affairs in the Gujarati language required for any competitive exams in the country and how many months of current affairs are necessary for GPSC.

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