Renewable Energy Jobs Australia

This study presents findings from the first large-scale Renewable Energy Jobs Australia survey. The renewable industry is an important source of employment in Australia.

The industry has reported skill shortages but found a lack of data on Renewable Energy Jobs in Australia, an impediment to workforce planning.

Consequently, the Clean Energy Council commissioned the Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology, to survey Renewable Energy Jobs in Australia.

Surveys were undertaken for large-scale solar PV and wind power, distributed solar PV, hydro generation and pumped hydro, battery storage, and the associated supply chains.

Renewable Energy Jobs Australia: The Pros And Cons

Renewable energy will be a major source of jobs in the medium-term – but there are quite different short-term trajectories for Renewable Energy Jobs Australia.
There are significant opportunities for better coordination, planning, and investment to improve employment outcomes, notably through Renewable Energy Jobs Australia.

The Pros And Cons of Renewable Energy Jobs Australia


Solar generation creates no noise or greenhouse gasses, making it one of the most practical forms of clean energy renewable Energy Jobs Australia.

Basic materials

Solar panels require only three primary materials: silicon, metal, and glass. Their small ecological footprint makes them easy to manufacture on a large scale, with leading brands now producing millions of panels yearly in highly automated factories.

Long lifespans

Solar panels are incredibly robust, have no moving parts, and require no ongoing maintenance. Most Australian solar panels come with a 25-year performance warranty and have useable lifespans of up to 40 years.

Intermittent generation

Most renewable energy sources are intermittent and not always available when needed, e.g., the sun isn’t always shining, and the wind isn’t always blowing.

Thankfully, Renewable Energy Jobs Australia has some of the world’s highest solar irradiance, and battery systems now enable system owners to use clean energy 24 hours a day.

Space and land requirements

While most Renewable Energy Jobs Australia homes have generous roof spaces, large solar farms may contain thousands or millions of solar panels requiring vast open land areas.


Solar panels continue to gain efficiency but still need significant rooftop or land areas to capture sunlight. Wind turbines are only efficient in areas with high wind speeds throughout the year, limiting their availability to locations that may be far away from where the electricity is needed.

  • Zero emissions – great for the environment
  • By definition, renewable energy is an infinite resource that will not deplete
  • Lower cost of electricity
  • Require little maintenance
  • Better for public health
  • Renewable sources can be suitable for domestic use
  • Reduces reliance on foreign energy sources
  • Job creation
Zero emissions – renewables are great for the environment

Renewable energy converts a natural resource into clean electricity without producing carbon emissions or pollutants.

By definition, renewable energy is an infinite resource that will not deplete
Renewable energy is generated from resources that do not deplete over time.
There will always be an abundance of resources available for humankind to harvest.

Lower cost of electricity

Renewables, particularly solar and wind, lower the cost of electricity. Solar panels can save you considerable amounts by lowering your electricity bill.

Better for public health
Energy generated from renewable sources is better for our public health. As well as the significant environmental advantages of lower greenhouse gas emissions, far fewer pollutants are emitted, leading to cleaner air free of carbon and sulfur compounds associated with fossil fuel sources.

Renewable Energy Jobs Australia creates employment across various occupations, led by trades and technicians, laborers, and professionals. When people think of jobs in renewable energy, they often think of an installer on a roof putting in solar panels – but renewable energy creates employment for a diverse range of occupations.


Renewable Energy Jobs Australia will create employment across regional and coal regions. It can play a meaningful role in creating alternative jobs as the global transition out of coal occurs, but only within comprehensive industry plans to diversify regional economies.

Our study examined the location and types of jobs generated by renewable energy and how they compare to the coal sector. Around two-thirds of renewable energy, jobs could be created in regional areas.

Renewable Energy Jobs in Australia are distributed more widely across regional areas than in the coal sector, which concentrates jobs in a handful of regions.

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