Firm Believers Of Bitcoin

In the past couple of years, we all know how much bitcoin has gained popularity. But now, times are changing. Within a couple of weeks, the price of bitcoin has dropped an amazing 40 percent from its peak.


The price has dropped from mid-April to $37,600. As things are dropping, it is estimated that this price will even go down further. People who were all are investing in bitcoin mining and Milan Close it is now in a predicament. These people are aware of this situation and are wary of every move in the market.


As DWP starts the benefits crackdown, over one million Universal credit claimants were told to act


As things are going, it is being said that the Department of Work and Pension or DWP will soon be cracking down due to fraud. This will make matters worse for over a million people.


According to the government body’s official statement, it has lost about 8.4 billion euros within the previous 12 months. They added that the money that they lost was all due to issues for fraudulent claims and errors.


The inflation rate in the UK sees a sudden jump of 1.5 percent


Within the last 12 months, the rate of inflation in the UK has seen a sudden jump. This jump of 1.5 percent is claimed to be brought about by the ever-rising household bills, prices for clothing, and the cost of fuels.


This jump that the rate of inflation has seen is the highest it has ever gone. Prior to this, the biggest jump that it saw was in last year. It is seen that on a monthly basis, the rate of inflation seems to grow about 0.6 percent. 


Housing prices in the UK grow faster than ever



Within a couple of months, there has been seen a rise in the housing prices in the UK. Before this sudden rise, the last time such a phenomenon occurred was back in 2007. The housing price rose by about 10.2 percent in March and is still growing. People took on this opportunity.


House buyers are rushing in to give themselves the advantage of the government stamp duty holidays. Time will only tell when and how this rise will stop. All one can say is that this rise in housing price is prominent, and everyone is up to claim their benefit due to it.


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